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Good Records, Good Neighbors: Before Record Store Day, a Letter Goes Out

We all remember what happened during last year's Record Store Day at Good Records -- that was the first time the Dallas police got involved when Erykah Badu didn't have the proper permits. But with Record Store Day a week from tomorrow, Good hasn't soured on the event: On Monday Pete posted the lineup for this year's Good Records wingding -- 22 bands from 11 a.m. till 1 a.m., that's quite the marathon. Still, that's scaled-down compared to '09.

This go-round, the store is taking the proper precautions to avoid another run-in with the fuzz. This showed up in the in-box yesterday: a missive Good Records' co-owner Chris Penn sent to the myriad Lower and Lowest Greenville neighborhood associations Wednesday, in which he writes that he and the store hope to "avoid a repeat of some of the miscommunications and conflicts caused by last year's Record Store Day event." How so? The full text of the letter follows. Turn it up.

And while I have your attention, music lovers: Tickets for Neil Young's June 7 show at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center go on sale right here at 10 a.m. this morning -- and, pardon, did you say Bert Jansch is opening? Wow. Anyway. This three-disc '87-tour collection, posted this week to the Big O, should hold you till the virtual ticket window opens.

To the area Neighborhood Associations

In order to avoid a repeat of some of the miscommunications and conflicts caused by last year's Record Store Day event, we wanted to reach out to the area neighborhood associations to communicate our intentions and manage the expectations for the current year. We as owners, along with many of our associates, are residents of this community and strive to be good neighbors ever since we moved the store to Greenville Avenue in 2006.

This year's celebration does not meet the minimum criteria to be defined as a Special Event, however as a courtesy, we felt that this release is necessary.

To celebrate the 2010 Record Store Day along with the 10th Anniversary of Good Records, we have planned a scaled back celebration on April 17th. We have reduced the number of bands from 2009 and from our early plans for the current year celebration. Due to our limited space, and a desire to have a well controlled time for our customers, we had made this reduction in the number of bands. The performances will be contained entirely within our store.

Furthermore, all the doors of the store will be closed during the performances in order to mitigate the sound loss to the outside and to comply with the noise ordinances of the city. We have contracted with a vendor to provide barricades to close off a portion of our private parking lot, in order to contain the celebration well within our property lines. As in the past years, we have contracted with officers to assist our staff to make this a controlled, safe and secure celebration.

We have had communications with relevant City staff and leadership as well as the Dallas Police Department to ensure compliance with all city codes and regulations. Once again, we do not want a repeat of last year, and therefore want to make our neighbors aware of our plans for this year.

Additional information about this celebration is available at our website at www.goodrecords.com/recordstoreday.

If you have any concerns, comments or questions on the day of the celebration, Chris Penn will be onsite at the store at 1808 Greenville Ave, during the entire course of the celebration.

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Robert Wilonsky
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