Google Dallas, Gone?

As getting someone from Google to respond to a media query is nigh upon impossible, for the moment we'll have to take Philipp Lenssen's word for it, which oughta be good enough. He's the German-based bossman behind Google Blogoscoped, which today is reporting that Google is shuttering its Dallas office in The Centrum, along with its Denver operations. Lenssen has posted a note from a Googler that says "employees have to choose relocation or severance." He's also got with what he says is a response from the mothership that confirms the closings.

The official statement says Google has two Dallas offices and refers to the move as a "consolidation," even though it does note that "all affected Dallas and Denver Googlers will be offered opportunities within the company." (It did have an office at III Lincoln Center, but that shuttered more than a year ago.) Calls to the only Google Dallas office we know of, courtesy a search using Google, have been greeted only by the dulcet tones of the voice-mail lady. E-mails have been summarily sent to Neverland, California. --Robert Wilonsky

Update: After the jump, two comments from Ellen E. West, Google's Director of Global Communications & Public Affairs.

First, again, the official statement:

"Following an operational review, we are consolidating our offices in Dallas and Denver, as we currently have at least two offices in each of these markets. This reorganization is designed to ensure we are serving the needs of our customers, stakeholders and Googlers efficiently. These are the only two cities affected by this review, and all affected Dallas and Denver Googlers will be offered opportunities within the company."
Then, a follow-up after I asked about how many offices Google has in the area.
"We have two offices in the Dallas area: one in Dallas and one in Coppell. Our audio operations team will continue to operate out of our offices in Coppell, Texas."

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