Um, is the answer "no," or is this a trick question?

Gosh, Can't They Both Be Mayor?

Some random mayoral musings this a.m...

In the Houston Chronicle this morning, our old pal and colleague Tom Korosec blames all those "Ed Oakley is gay" articles on TIme magazine. He also discovers that Texas Eagle Forum's Cathie Adams and Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance president Rev. S.C. Nash would make a cute couple on a hate-crime spree...

Late last night Allen Gwinn posted to Dallas.org an ad in which Schutze's new buddy, Hollywood Door owner Jack Pierce, comes out swinging at Oakley, who he accuses of trying to steal his family land. Which is and isn't true, since it was really Bill Blaydes who tries to do the swindlin'. Oakley was just detailing the getaway car. "Paid for by Tom Leppert for Mayor." Jesus, ya think? I'd pay for Jack Pierce to read some books on tape for me...

Dallas Progress' Michael Davis last night shipped our way some more Oakley partisan mailers that went to Southern sector voters. Since they pretty much say the same old thing -- Tom Leppert uses tainted soil to kill schoolchildren, while Ed Oakley's a crime-fighting, wrecking-ball Democrat -- so we're only posting that John Wiley Price postcard at the top, just because I'm incredibly impressed when any man pulls off the purple suit, and I like to share his success. Mazel tov, JWP! --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.