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Green is Golden

So, Sunday, my partner in dining and I were about to tuck into some deliciously bad for us brunch at our neighborhood's pride, the Gold Rush Cafe. As is the case for most meals at the Gold Rush, we ran into five people we knew, including our own Jim Schutze in to pick up some bites as well as Tania Rivas, musical gal about town.

Tania was accompanying Southern California band Goldenboy around Dallas for some sightseeing before they hit the Barley House to perform later that night. We discussed prospective destinations: "Take the conspiracy walking tour. Do NOT miss that," my brunch boy testified. I totally flashed back to Dr. T and the Women before offering, "And if you don't mind the admission fees, totally check out the sharks, the jaguar, the manatees and shit at the Dallas World Aquarium." Then we noticed what appeared to be a retirement village bus in the parking lot and one of the band guys getting something out of it. Bryan Bos (drummer), followed our gaze and offered, "Yeah, and it runs on grease!"

Turns out, ol' Goldenboy is pretty green. The band has traveled from Los Angeles to Big D for all of about $15 thanks to the grease tanks and charity of restaurants along the way...versus the $1,500 they calculate they would have spent if using less eco-friendly fuels from gas stations. Bos offered that Applebee's is currently the band's favorite as they offer super-clean grease that doesn't stink, and a lot of it. The bandmates concurred that they're so pro-Applebee's they want T-shirts, just to throw some love back to the generous casual dining chain. You know, come to think of it, if you have a spare Applebee's tee in your closet, bring it to Goldenboy's in-store at 6 p.m. tonight at Good Records...and ask 'em to show you the filtration system on that grease guzzler. It's impressive. --Merritt Martin

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