Greenway Parks, You Are Overpriced!

This house at 5362 Wenonah recently sold for $2.195 million.

Hey, don't look at me with your fancy Web site -- that's Forbes calling you out in its latest list, this one titled "America's Most Overpriced ZIP Codes." (Though, the "85006" isn't right -- isn't that 75209?) Greenway Parks comes in at No. 8, as the mag notes:

The areas of Greenway Parks and Devonshire border University Park and Highland Park, two of the most upscale neighborhoods in the city. As prices in the Park Cities have risen, home buyers and builders looking for cheaper land have drifted into this ZIP code, helping drive prices. Housing prices in Dallas, as a whole, have started to deflate, making this a neighborhood to watch for similar price correction.

Speaking of, Advocate posted this week an interesting list of home sales, from 2003 though June 2008, for 20 local zips, including Greenway Parks. Way to represent, '229. --Robert Wilonsky

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