Greg Abbott Crowdsourced Ideas for "Making Texas Even Better," and They Are Wonderful

As his bid to become Texas' next governor ramps up, Attorney General Greg Abbott is turning to constituents for ideas for "making Texas even better." Since Abbott is a serious candidate, and since he wants serious suggestions, he turned to the premiere forum for nuanced political discourse and reasoned policy analysis: Facebook.

Based on the feedback, here's what to expect from Governor Abbott.

Mass Deportation of LIberals and/or Mexicans and/or Muslims and/or Gays

Hal Wade: "Expell muslims and illegals and close the border behind them!"

Brad Helton: "A free one way bus ticket to commiefornia for all the libs. Send em home and hope they stay."

Earl Grimes: "Close the borders. The one with Mexico and New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. Then kick out all the damn liberals."

Gordy Rohrbacker: "Round up all the muslims and move them to mexico. Along with the illegal's"

Counts Henry: "Deport Most Libs/Dumbocraps"

Cano Felix: "Throw out liberals, muslims, all LGBT gay people as their trying to do the same to us the now minority!"

Brad Gustin: "Secure All the borders (not just the ones with Mexico) and then kick out All the liberals and illegals! I hear there is a lot of cheap land for sale in Detroit...."

Mike McLain: "How about making people pass an iq test before they can move here from another state, and especially before they can vote."

Loretta Edwards: "Sharia law is not appropriate ANYWHERE IN AMERICA! Muslims came here voluntarily. They either (1) came here to be an addition to the American way of life OR (2)they came here to convert America to an Islamic way of life. If they came here for option 1, Sharia law was not here prior to their arrival and has no need to be added. If they came because of option 2, GO HOME! They are not welcome here and should they be naive enough to believe they can change us from the inside out.....get ready for a fight!

"During a Muslim Brotherhood march in Europe, a leader was asked why he was not obeying the law of the land. His comment was the most honest I have heard to date. He said, 'When Islam is the law of the land, we will obey the law of the land.' Boy! That tells me everything I need to know about it."


Mike Crowson: "Dump Obama the Treasonous and the US and become an independent country"

David Adcock: "Secession! That is the ONLY solution to the Wimpublican-And-Obammunist Slavery that the National RATS and Moronic-Wimpublicans can HARDLY WAIT to impose upon our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren - and etc., etc., etc., ... JUST STOP IT! (Doesn't ANYONE in gummint EVER read The Constitution any longer? [Even when these DungHeaps "pledge allegiance" to it?] Or are they Too STUPID to understand it any longer?)"

Daniel James: "become it own government"

Barry Dusek: "Secede, secure the border. Think about it, if Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and maybe Florida formed their own country, we could drill for oil, make our own gas and sell the rest to America for a good high price."

Don Embrey: "Find a way to remove Federal "Ownership" or Oversight from all the National Forests, Parks, etc, Federal buildings, and ANYTHING controlled by the Federal Government. They are PURE EVIL and nobody i know wants them and their tyrannic behavior inside the boundaries of the State of Texas. There is, in the fine print, rules that give the States rights over federal "property" when the feds shut down and can't do their jobs. Ill be DAMNED if they try to keep me out of any land owned by THE PEOPLE. Washington is a government AGAINST THE PEOPLE. We are STUPID not to draw ANOTHER line in the sand bigger than the Alamo, and Guard it like never before. Obama is PURE EVIL. He should not even be allowed in our State. If i can help, you just let me know."

Rampant Vigilantism

Nelson Eaton: "Start treating loberals like Coyote's."

Rob Martin: "Just turn a blind eye for about two months.WE'LL make Texas better."

Don Embrey: "Wendy Davis will Rot in Hell. Baby killing atheist bitch."

New Special-Interest Groups

Randy Rios: "Take a look at the child support you mother fucker. Then you can have my vote you bitch"

Jamie Fuller: "Stop micro managing the mobile home Bueness"

Shawn Whitehead: "Im in Cypress Tx and every night My husband and i sit out side and for the past month or so there is a plane that sit up in the sky ,think it could be a drone cause for 3-4 it sits in one place and doesnt move and then it will take off,my question is WHY WHY? and Whats it doing just sitting there> we see other planes flying and its not a star we can tell the Difference.WHY and Whats going on?"

Eustace Hawker: "First........ thing is our US Troops , US Veterans and their family members.....Texas is BIG in the "Trucking Business"- Grandfather all US Troops and US Veterans with a CDL LICENSE....MANY US Troops are driving big military trucks......so, a CDL LICENSE would be good.....Start CDL TRAINING on every US Base TEXAS for US Troops and US Veterans with "NO TRUCK EXPERIENCE" CDL TRAINING Class have to be flexible. ......classes during week and weekend...With (night) and (day) classes........Classes even on the weekend.Troops and Veterans work different times so it has to be flexible.(*) also make the training available for MILITARY SPOUSE HAS WELL GREGG ABBOTT you want to win , you my VOTE......MAKE MILITARY FAMILIES STRONG!!! MAKE US STRONG, WE'LL MAKE AMERICA STRONG!!!!!!

Barry Baudoin: "Smart Redlights in Houston that send alerts to the main office when they go out or blink red and be reset at the main office. Better timing schedules during primetime traffic hours, It should not take me an hour to go 18 miles to work and longer going back home.

"Push for a cafeteria type cable/sat TV. I want to pay for what I watch. I can't understand Spanish or pig Latin, so I shouldn't pay for those channels."

Increased Legal Protections for Landlords

Alice Finney: "Secure the boarders."

Most or all of the suggestions came from Abbott supporters, and most were divisive. It was refreshing, then, to see a significant minority expressing a nonpartisan hope that Texas will have a bright future:

Wallercounty Redreck Truckclub: "Succeed!!!"

Josh Keal: Succeed now!

John Harris: "Succeed!"

Sue Weaver-Spencer: "Succeed!"

Curtis Ballew: "succeed from the union"

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