Greggo Explains His Wacko

Let me start off by stating that I only heard the opening minutes of 103.3 FM ESPN's Choppy & Greggo last night. But just in that smidge, Greg Williams sounded, well, incoherent.

First he said something about "ChoppyGreggo" and then some garble and then some mumbling and then something about "6 o'clock." The show aired from 7-8 p.m.

Williams' sidekick, RJ Choppy, sounded taken aback. I'm paraphrasing, but Choppy said something to the affect of ... "I guess tonight Greggo's inventing a new language."

I awoke this morning to several emails and phone calls alerting me/concerned about Williams. He does have, remember, a history.

Again, I didn't hear these, but multiple people have suggested Greggo:

*Made an obscure reference to his affection for submarines when the show's topic was clearly Mavs-Nuggets.

*Blurted out something along the lines of "Capital, I, pinch, pinch, one ... (long pause) ... I mean ..."

For a translation/explanation, I called Greggo this afternoon.

"I switched anti-depressant medication," Williams told me. "I felt a little out of it last night, yeah."

While his doctors tweak medications, dosages, etc., Williams will take at least tonight off.

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