Greggo With Richard Hunter: Entertaining. Effed Up. Or Both?

Bless Greg Williams.

The guy, as you know, has a history. Now, alongside Richard Hunter on Rational Radio 1360 AM, he has a second third chance.

We've heard him wacko before. Yesterday afternoon ... I dunno - you tell me.

He arrived late. Fumbled with his headphones. Gave out The Ticket's phone number. Apparently identified a Mexican as a "black guy". Invented a word: "Absoleetely." Claimed his car got "100 miles a gallon." Boasted about his "hangruns." And delivered the golden line:

"They pay me to suck."

All that just in the first hour of Hunter's show outside The Granada.

I've got a call in to Hunter to see what's what.

But for now, it's your call:

A) Entertaining.

B) Effed Up.

C) Both.

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