Grills to Good Use

It's so cute when girls try to do boy things. Like grilling, for example. In fact, it's so cute when girls try to grill, that has created a super-cute pink and purple section of its Web site, just for girls who like to grill. The pork people are, cutely, calling them "Grill Gals." How cute is that? Omg.

Even cuter is their "Ultimate Grill Gal" contest, in which the aforementioned ultimate gal can win a "chic yet substantial" Weber Q300 Series gas grill. Girls like that chic stuff, right? Chic is so cute.

What else is cute? The "Grill Power! A Girl's Guide to Grilling" recipe brochure with contest entry form that you'll need to pick up at your local Minyards. Get one by May 16 and compose 25 words about why you're the "Ultimate Grill Gal." Entries will be judged on "originality, creativity and the ability to convey that you are an "Ultimate Grill Gal."

Because actually sending in a recipe or something like that would prove that you actually know how and want to use the grill. Preposterous. You're too cute to grill, grill goddess! By the way, those metal tongs make your butt look big.

They'll pick one entry from Dallas and five more from across the country each month until September. You can also enter online at the National Pork Board's Web site, which calls itself the "Daily Pork." Not cute. Andrea Grimes

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