Bad Boys

Guess the Latest Cowboy to Find, um, Trouble?

There's no breaking news alert. No arrest. Not even a police report.

But late last month at The Lodge there was ... something. And, surprise, it involved a Dallas Cowboy.

This much we know, confirmed by two independent sources:

This secondary-level Cowboy and a member of his entourage were asked to leave the club after the friend got a little, shall we say, handsy? No biggie, happens all the time. But on their way out the player and his buddy got involved in a skirmish with managers and bouncers.

That's where the story has a significant fork in the road.

One source calls it a "melee" by the front door, with the Cowboy shoving, punching and perhaps even tomahawk chopping a manager with injuries that sent the employee to the hospital.

The other source, however, terms it merely a "skirmish", a brief, harmless, illegal use of hands before the player and his partner left without anything more severe than a bruised ego or as much as a 5-yard penalty flag.

Back from their detour and again in line with similar versions of the tale, both sources say the Cowboy returned to the club the next day hoping to shoulder responsibility and find safety, in the form of a financial offer in exchange for keeping the incident/non-incident "on the down low."

You got your clues.

Commence guesses.

UPDATE: Moments ago on 105.3 The Fan with Ben & Skin, the player in question cleared up, well, nothing.

"For the most part, it's a bunch of mularkey," the Cowboy said. "It was a little skirmish or whatever, but apparently it was not a big issue. I'm not even supposed to comment on it."

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