Guess Who's on the Cover of This Week's Dallas Observer?

Your hints:

*His next NFL interception will be his first.

*I had to drive 250 miles to interview him.

*He's a good guy who made a really bad decision.

*One of the major players in his life story has a mangled left leg, resides in Israel and refused comment for my feature.

*Likewise, the Dallas Cowboys didn't exactly shuffle their schedules to talk about him.

*He says of his current digs, "I like air conditioning and I hate baseball, so summers drag and drag."

*Former Dallas Police Chief Terrell Bolton once said of him, "I would have liked to have seen him dragged down the street in handcuffs."

*So confounding was his trail and its tentacles that, a year after he was convicted, his mother happened on a web site that included a detailed examination of the case and called the author out of the blue. "It was as if it was the first time she really understood what had happened to her son," says former Wise and Jack Count District Attorney Barry Green, proprietor of this daily ditty. "It was very sad."

*His mom is convinced his tragic tale is one of divine intervention: "He wasn't listening to God's plan, so God made him sit still."

Who is it? Jump for the very detailed and elongated answer.

Dwayne Goodrich. - Richie Whitt

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