"H-O-O-P-S Yes!" Um, Well, Maybe?

Soccer's the new poker, if the talk around the poker table last night was any evidence. Seems all the kids wanna talk about is soccer -- pardon, "football," though I am not about to take that shit from a guy born and raised in Dallas who really oughta know better. Anyway, the day after I discovered that soccer's the new poker, I also discovered that it has officially Jumped the Shark: A Friend sent along that Pitchfork piece that, sooner or later, got us to the Adidas-Major League Soccer "MLS Represent" FC Dallas page, where we were greeted by ... no, really? ... the Polyphonic Spree's theme song for the Hoops. And it's called ... uhboy ... "H-O-O-P-S Yes!"

Plenty of other folks are doing it: OK Go's got one for the Chicago MLS team; the Rapture is livin' it up on Broadway; Mike Jones cut one for the Houston Dynamo; etc. And while I dig the Spree just fine, they are, alas, no Pantera. Or PPT. Listen for yerselves. --Robert Wilonsky

Bonus MP3:

The Polyphonic Spree,

"H-O-O-P-S Yes!"

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