Radio, TV and that Damned Media

Hansen, Revo, Doocy, Hammer? Yeah, About Time for Some Media Minutiae.

*Dale Hansen on The Ticket: Coulda swore I heard him Monday morning filling in for Craig Miller on 1310 AM. But don't get used to it. Apparently it was a one-off, with Dale returning to his old chair just long enough to fill in for Miller, who spent last weekend running the New York City Marathon. Hansen, who flirted with burnout and then scorched his ESPN bridges with some of these comments back in July, said there is no plans for another fill-in. "I don't think it was an audition of any sort," Hansen told me yesterday afternoon. "I'm not looking to get back into a five-days-a-week situation, but I find myself wanting an outlet to vent. If The Ticket wants to talk about something, I'm eager and willing to listen."

*Mike Doocy back on the air: Love me some Dooce. He's solid and his Sports Sunday on Fox4 is as comprehensive as any weekend wrap-up show. He's been in a bad way recently, suffering from a horrible cold/un-Swine flu that produced a cough that actually damaged a vocal chord. The good news: He was back on the air last night for the first time in about a month. "Still a little hoarse," Doocy emails me, "but the voice is on the way back."

*Jim Reeves out to pasture: Everything I know about baseball I learned from Duncanville BBI and Revo. One of the nicest, brightest guys in what can be a very slimy sportswriting business. Had countless nights traveling and talking and, yeah, sometimes drinking with Revo during my 18 years at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. So I absorbed the announcement of his retirement as bittersweet. Happy that a good guy is leaving on top. Sad that the Texas Rangers will have one less voice to keep them accountable. 40 years and 5,000 columns. I kneel in awe, Revo.

*Greg Williams ... I've got a call into Hammer. Far as I can tell, there are no imminent plans for him to re-surface on Big Dick Hunter's show. So what's up? Stay tuned ...

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