Happy September? Um, No. Blue Jays 18, Rangers 10.

Happy September? Um, No. Blue Jays 18, Rangers 10.

And the Rangers pull within 11-10! They were down 11-0!! This could be the historically fantastic game that catapults them and energizes them the rest of the season!!!

What a comeback!!!! Magical season/playoffs here we come!!!!!

One more clutch hit and ... Oops ... 12-10 ... 13-10 ... 14-10 ... 15-10 ... 18-10 ...

Like I said, this could be the game that craters what was left of the Rangers' chances.

Two 7-run innings. A player with 8 RBI. Most important number: Rangers now 4 out in the Wild Card.

Cue slumped shoulders. Ignite long faces.

Toughest loss of the season?

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