Have You Heard: Dallas Int'l Film Fest Announces Shining Star, Panel Lineups

In an awfully short amount of time, Austin-born-and-raised Amber Heard has racked up a rather impressive filmography that spans Friday Night Lights to Alpha Dog to the stuck-in-distribution-hell All the Boys Love Mandy Lane to Pineapple Express to Zombieland to the forthcoming Hunter S. Thompson adaptation The Rum Diary to The Joneses, set to bow at the Dallas International Film Festival this Saturday night at a sold-out screening. Hence the reason the festival's directors have decided to hand the 23-year-old its Shining Star Award before Saturday night's movie; says artistic director James Faust in the press release that follows, "We know that we'll be able to proudly say we were among the first to officially recognize what was on the horizon for Amber Heard."

Incidentally, also attending the Joneses screening Saturday night will be co-star Gary Cole. Update: DIFF sends word that Cole, who had been expected to attend Saturday night's screening, has had to bow out. Which still gives me a reason to link to the Bill Lumbergh Sound Board.

The release also offers a rundown of the panels planned during the fest's 11-day run, which begins Thursday night. And, yes, I'm moderating two at the Nasher Sculpture Center on Sunday, so do come say how-do.

Dallas Intl Ff Shining Star & Panels Final

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