Have You Seen Enough of Rich Harden?

Tommy Hunter is a bulldog. A scrappy fighter of a pitcher who throws strikes and in his first start of the season hurled a complete game at the Tampa Bay Rays in Saturday's sweltering heat.

Rich Harden is a, well, I dunno honestly. I never seem to have the patience to see his starts through.

The supposed ace of the Texas Rangers' pitching staff flamed out against yesterday, throwing 111 pitches in only five innings of a 9-5 loss to Tampa in Arlington. The couple times I've watched Harden this season he's:

A) Seemingly started every batter out with ball one.

B) Been staked to an early lead, only to cough it up.

C) Taken for friggin' ever.

Thanks to Harden, Sunday's marathon took four hours and six minutes, the third-longest home game in Rangers' history and the longest in 10 years.

He has an ERA of 5.34. He's throwing 20 pitches per inning. When Derek Holland returns, Harden should be the odd man out of the rotation.

I've seen enough.

Actually, I've seen way too much.

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