Radio, TV and that Damned Media

HD Radio: Yay or Nay?

I'm confused by the Rangers and their uncharacteristic 2-0 start.

I'm confused by the Mavs and their 270 combined points and back-to-back victories after pratfalling in Memphis.

And I'm confused how new Britney morphed from horrible Britney into bad Britney into a Britney that's just as good as even original Britney? Or did I get that backward?

But mostly I'm baffled by HD Radio. You?

So I called an audio/visual expert buddy of mine for some answers to my naive questions. Like:

*I assume the HD, like TV, stands for Hi-Def?

Actually, no. It's clearer, digital reception, but the HD stands for a trademarked brand of technology. I won't bore you with the geeky details.

*Is it as good as HD TV?

Not even close.

*Can I get HD Radio programming on my existing equipment or do I have to buy an HD Radio?

Gotta get a new HD tuner.

*How much, installed?

About $200.

*Is the sound quality noticably better?

Absolutely. No static. Much bigger coverage area.

*Is it better than HD TV?

You already asked me that. Nope. The good thing is though, that there are very few commercials and no monthly subscription fees like with satellite radio.

*Why isn't HD Radio taking off?

There's just not that much programming yet. Not many channels.

*Assuming I'm a P1, could I pick up The Ticket more clearly?

Yep. It's a little confusing though. To get The Ticket in HD you gotta go to HD99.5. And 105.3's HD channel plays Indy rock. Who knows? This stuff is still in its infancy.

*So do you have HD Radio?

Yeah, but I rarely listen to it.

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