Headline Coming Soon: Quincy Carter’s Career Goes to Pot. Again.

If only these dudes could pass a ball.

As I wrote earlier this week on Unfair Park, I’m no saint. In college I was arrested for trespassing (but, dude, she was hot and the house wasn't even finished.) I’ve been sued by DirecTV for pirating its product (now I can afford the NFL Sunday Ticket and NBA League Pass, barely.) I kept more than a couple local bookies in business (never ever bet with your heart, especially if you’re fond of the Texas Rangers.) And, yeah, I even inhaled once.

My excuse? All those were in the off-season.

Point is, far be it from me to cast aspersions on rule-benders and envelope-pushers. Besides, what has this week told us other than you can toke and pass and toke some more as long as you have athletic talent.

Right, Pacman Jones? Right, Josh Howard? Right, Quincy Carter?

On the heels of Pacman getting a four-year contract with the Cowboys despite an elongated criminal history that includes an arrest for possession of marijuana and Howard getting a vote of confidence from Mavs’ general manager Donnie Nelson (“Josh is one of the three guys we’re going to continue to build this thing around”) despite recently volunteering the details of his prolific pot use, Carter is apparently getting his, what?, ninth chance. This time, with the Arena Football League’s Kansas City Brigade.

Shame, but our Desperados don’t play K.C. this season.

Q: How do you know your career is in a serious state of sucking?

A: When signing with the Kansas City Brigade’s practice squad represents a promotion.

I visited Carter in Shreveport about a year ago when he was attempting a comeback attempt with the Arena2 (the AFL’s feeder league) BattleWings. After smoking his way out of a job with the Cowboys and a career in the NFL, he was down, but not quite out. Sat with him in the post-game locker room for about an hour and he said all the right things about God's plan and drug-free with a convincing passion and conviction.

Alas, it was all a big rope-a-dope.

A month after my column Quincy was again channeling Cheech. Missing meetings. Arrested for pot. Up in smoke.

I pull for Pacman and for Josh and for Quincy. But, take it from me, don’t bet on them. -- Richie Whitt

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.