Hell of a Day to Be a Texas Rangers Fan as Angels Snap up Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson

What you see at right is the artwork currently decorating the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim's website: side-by-side pics of Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson, both of whom are now Angels. The now-former Cardinal's deal is for 10 years and worth between $250 and $260 million, and is said to include a full no-trade clause. The Str8edgeracer will leave Arlington for $77.5 million over five years. I believe A's assistant general manager David Forst speaks for everyone else in the American League West when he says: "I can't handicap what this means for the Angels, but certainly when you end up with all the best players in the game in your division, that's not what you want."

Meanwhile, Rangers assistant GM Thad Levine counters: "We feel our team is up for the challenge." Or, to quote Jamey Newberg: "Bring it." One Joseph P. Tone breaks it down thusly: "There's a deal that will suck for Rangers fans for four years and then become a back-breaking albatross for the Angels. Like the Giants' Zito deal, only not as pretty."

Meanwhile, this just landed in the in-box: "The Texas Rangers announced today that the club has acquired infielder Greg Miclat from Baltimore as the player to be named later in the December 1 trade involving Taylor Teagarden and Randy Henry." Whew.

Update at 11:58 a.m.: On the other side, Ceej talks to ESPN about how bummed he is the Rangers didn't try harder to keep him.

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