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Henderson-Belmont, You Are Loved

View Larger Map this morning brings news of a new "luxury multifamily development" on "the last open corner at the Henderson-Belmont intersection in North Dallas." (Wait, that's North Dallas?) The piece says the development, spearheaded by Staubach Capital Partners founder Charlie Corson, will take place on a plot of land Zale|Corson Group recently bought from Houston-based Perry Homes and Dallas real-estate investor Newt Walker -- and it replaces this previously announced Perry Homes development at the intersection.

The sellers quietly marketed the site after retreating on a plan for another phase of the Village at Henderson in the Knox-Henderson corridor where an eclectic and trend-setting mix has emerged in new, redeveloped and renovated residential and retail space in recent years. With the sale, the corner's four quadrants all will be sporting new retail and residential projects by 2009.

And there's no name for the development yet, and Corson tells there won't even be an architect in place till early 2009. But expect 165 new units. --Robert Wilonsky

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