Here's Jerry Jones Rapping His Way Through Another Papa John's Commercial

Jerry Jones owns the Dallas Cowboys. He also really likes/has an endorsement deal with Papa John's. That goes some ways in explaining the existence of the above video, titled "Hip Hop Jerry," in which Jones proclaims his love for the pizza chain via a rap song. It's about what you'd expect from a white, 69-year-old billionaire.

The press release that accompanies the video describes it thusly:

Team Owner Jerry Jones is hoping to top the charts with his new rap song. Jones-turned-hip-hop-star debuts his rap in a Papa John's television commercial called "Hip Hop Jerry" breaking August 25 as NFL pre-season football kicks off. The spot promotes Papa John's new Cowboys 5-Star Combo and will run in D/FW, Austin and Waco through the Super Bowl in 2013.

Known for his charisma, Jones' rap performance in the new spot is a follow-up act to a popular TV spot featuring his spontaneous and highly unlikely dance moves when a Papa John's delivery man shows up in the player locker room with a pizza he ordered.

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And there's really not a lot left to say.

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