Here's the Recycling Ad That Was Deemed Way Too Racy for Plano

Here's the Recycling Ad That Was Deemed Way Too Racy for Plano

The ad above was intended to go on every electric bill in the city of Plano, part of a marketing campaign that would be "bold and memorable," Sustainability and Environmental Services Director Nancy Nevil told the City Council on Monday, according to the Morning News.

"We feel like we need this type of campaign in order to increase our recycling -- to get people talking about this and to generate some buzz," she said. "We know this is very different from Plano's usual, more sophisticated approach. People are so inundated with messaging that you really have to do something that is going to get their attention."

Mayor Phil Dyer, ever vigilant about protecting the minds and sensibilities of the innocent public from such outrageous prurience, disagreed.

"I get the tongue-in-cheek part of it, but I just can't go with this one," he said. "I am really sorry."

I kind of see what he means. After all, what is this "It" the mystery vixen wants us to "Do?" I thought it was recycling, but now that Dyer mentions it, she could be referring to something else entirely. Like vacuuming. Or -- and this is probably a reach -- sex.

And to think how close the people of Plano came to having their eyeballs sullied by such smut.

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