Here's Written Proof Mike Rawlings Can Keep All Those Big Political Contributions

Last week, Schutze told you about an interpretation of the city's election rules that allows any incumbent to receive unlimited donations, regardless of the city's $5,000 limit on campaign contributions from individuals. Money going to something called an officeholder account are not bound by the $5,000 rule, and can be spent on campaign expenses, Brylon Franklin, Dallas' election manager, told Jim. Marcos Ronquillo, who's running against the mayor this spring, challenged Franklin's interpretation of the rules and demanded that Rawlings return any excess contributions.

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Friday evening, Dallas City Attorney Warren Ernst issued an official opinion on the subject to the council and the mayor. His memo confirms what Franklin said: As long as the person being contributed to has already been elected, donors can shovel all the money they can carry into that officeholders' slush fund officeholder account.

Long story short: Rawlings is not going to be giving back any of the more than $100,000 in contributions questioned by Ronquillo. Surprise!

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Contributions and Expenditures Memo

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