Here's Your Chance to Troll CW33 by Pretending to Be a Troll on CW33

CW 33 reporter Doug Magditch is in a pickle. He has to go live on Nightcap TV in, like, four hours, and he still needs a source for a very important story.

He gives more details in a Reddit post titled "Seeking an 'internet troll.'"

I'm Doug Magditch, a reporter at CW33. I'm looking to talk to someone who's ever successfully 'trolled' a website, news article, etc. I can do it 'undercover' - ie silhouetted, so we can't tell who's talking. However, this is a story for today so I need someone ASAP. Thank you! Please email me at [email protected]

Catching an actual troll is unlikely, since it sounds like the interview would require some form of actual human interaction. But he did snare a response from loathingbf.

Hi I'm interested in trolling CW33 and the world by pretending to have trolled other more reputable news organizations and the world, please contact me I'm best troll in the world I promise. Please e-mail me at [email protected]

Magditch is not amused ("Well, that's not helpful."), but loathingbf may be onto something here. Maybe the way to handle this is to troll CW33's troll-trolling by pretending to be an actual troll -- which you will be, of course, by the end of the interview.

In case you missed it before, it's [email protected] Please send tape.

Update: Magditch found a real-live troll. Kyle Diamond Jones has "posted on a music board about Aaliyah and said she had sex with dogs" and "created a YouTube video called "Happy N***** Day' on Martin Luther King Day."

"I'm an attention-whore," he says. "Like most people in America nowadays, I'm just trying to get attention. You post things online just to get a reaction."

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