Ghassan Elashi

Holy Land Co-Founder's Daughter on the Feds' "Most Un-American Effort"

With federal prosecutors making a second run at Richardson-based Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development officials, after their first attempt last year ended up in a more-or-less mistrial, the daughter of one of the defendants today writes about Part II for The Huffington Post. Noor Elashi's a University of North Texas journalism grad and a Mayborn Conference third-place finisher in non-fiction last July, and her father's none other than Ghassan Elashi, who was actually one of the Holy Land Foundation's co-founders.

He's currently serving an 80-month federal prison sentence, following trials in 2004 and '05 during which he was found guilty of using his computer company, Infocom Corporation, to illegally ship computers to Libya and Syria and of doing business with Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook. But as far as his daughter is concerned, Elashi and and his co-defendants will once more "be subjected to the same type of character assassination, litany of lies and innuendo, as the government tries to frighten a jury into reaching a verdict based on guilt by association, a most un-American effort." --Robert Wilonsky

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