Kenny Cooper -- or, perhaps, Upright Citizens Brigade's Ian Roberts?

Hoops It Up: Kenny Cooper to Keep on Kickin' It With FC Dallas

Hoops fans, rejoice. This afternoon FC Dallas announced that star forward Kenny Cooper isn’t going anywhere, at least not this season. Here's what FC Dallas general manager Michael Hitchcock has to say on the subject:

"We received offers from multiple international clubs for Kenny Cooper during this transfer window, but we elected to decline them all. The international interest is a credit to Kenny, FC Dallas and the ever increasing talent level in Major League Soccer. Winning championships is our priority, and we feel strongly that Kenny will continue to be an important part of our success as we compete for the MLS Cup this year and in the future."

The next transfer window for European clubs is in January, so expect the Cooper-is-gone talk to resume then, because the Jesuit grad is only going to get better. --Jesse Hyde


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