Thin Sweaty Man, by John Bent

Hope You Love to Sweat, Because the Air Conditioning Is Out at Love Field

One of our big bossmens around here is trying to get to Houston, and he sends word from Dallas Love Field that the air conditioning's out -- "has been all morning." Turns out, he was told, workers were doing some electrical work out at Love, and a technician cut the wrong wire. "It's cooler on a plane that doesn't have air conditioning," says the boss, sitting on a Southwest plane stuck on the tarmac due to its own technical difficulties. "Inside the airport, people are just dripping sweat." Southwest's spokesperson Christi Day didn't know a thing about it when we called initially, but she does confirm: A tech cut the lines. Temporary power's been restored -- go, Scotty! -- but it won't be "completely fixed" for another, oh, 10 hours. At least, that's what Southwest is hoping; till then, fans have been set up at every gate. So for all those headed that way, dress accordingly. --Robert Wilonsky

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