Hot or Not: Are You on Feds' JWP List?

Looks like at 11:18 this morning, John Wiley Price attorney Billy Ravkind, or someone in his office, faxed to Channel 5 the search warrant issued on June 24 by U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul Stickney. It's a seven-page catalog of everyone and everything with whom the county commissioner's done bidness since 2001 and spells out in great detail everything the feds wanted when they searched his home and office last week, including address books, bank records and photos of his birthday party fund-raisers and KwaanzaFests.

Says the doc, the government is combing through Price's electronic data for info "related to violations" of myriad sections of U.S. Code, including theft or bribery concerning programs receiving federal funds, tax evasion and money laundering.

Read it for yourself here. But here's the list of names mentioned in the warrant: Kathy Nealy, Willis Johnson, state Sen. Royce West, Millennium 2000 owner Karen Manning, tax attorney DeMetris Sampson, Jon Edmonds, Pettis Norman, Provident Realty president Leon Backes, Brenda Jackson, Regina Watts and W.O. Henry. Among the businesses named: Hillwood, Perot Systems, Walmart, HKS, American Airlines, Gold Metal Recyclers, Wai-Wize (which is Willis Johnson) and ... the SALT team. Sadly, no mention of Shoot-zie.

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