'House of Cards?

Was watching the Orlando Magic dethrone the Boston Celtics last night and it re-dawned on me that the Mavericks need a savvy, veteran player who can create - and make - his own shot. Who's not afraid to initiate a physical confrontation. Who's fearless.

A player like the Magic's Hedo Turkoglu. A player like the Mavericks' Jerry Stackhouse.

Back on April 8 I mused that the Mavs would miss Stackhouse during the playoffs. Took a lot of shit from folks.

But what do you know, Rick Carlisle agrees.

With me.

"The guy you're talking about is someone to replace what Stack gave us for four or five years - a guy who came off the bench and was going to guarantee double-figure scoring," Carlisle said. "He was going to draw double teams and help create shots, and he brought a tough-minded physical presence to both the floor and the locker room. So yeah, there is a void to fill. And the void is Stack."

With his age and injuries, Stackhouse is no longer the answer. But someone with his unique blend of skill and will is part of Dallas' solution.

Also took in Lakers-Rockets yesterday afternoon. Considering Houston lost two players in Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady, don't we all feel silly for bemoaning Josh Howard's two ankles?

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