Houston: "It's Not Dallas." Whew.

Come February, Houston's launching a new PR hellbent on selling the not spot as a hot spot; among those taking part are George and Barbara Bush, Hilary Duff and George Foreman -- wow, impressive. Before that, though, there's a new photos-and-essays book out called Houston. It's Worth It, which stems from a guerrilla-style ad campaign that sprang up in 2004. (Sure beats the hell out of finding your D spot.)

Over the weekend, a Friend of Unfair Park who's rather unimpressed by the whole thing ("LAME") shot us this story about the coffee-table tome, the intention of which is celebrating all that's wrong with Houston (humidity, flying cockroaches, refineries, "the ridicule") in order to make it feel oh-so right. And among the reasons Houston's so awesome: "Because it's not Dallas." Haw. Haw. But, seriously, this is a genius idea. We're on it. Soon as we staff up. --Robert Wilonsky

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