How Did Bob Guccione End Up in Plano?

That, surely, is the question on your mind after reading of the 79-year-old Penthouse founder's death at the Plano Specialty Hospital yesterday, following a years-long battle with lung cancer. The answer is simple, says one New Jersey attorney representing some of the myriad creditors in an ongoing Chapter 7 case that was closed in December and reopened in July: "He had no place left to go."

The judge in the case, which was filed in '08, had ordered Guccione to sell his Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, home, with the $800,000 in proceeds going to pay one creditor. The house hasn't yet sold -- hence, the reopened case -- but Guccione and his wife were left homeless.

One of the attorneys representing Guccione in the bankruptcy, Anthony Sodono III of West Orange, New Jersey, tells Unfair Park this morning that he knew little of his client's personal life -- only that he was sick. But he says that Guccione's fourth wife, April Dawn Warren Guccione, has family here. Says Sodono: "I am not sure if they initially went there to visit or to stay."

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Robert Wilonsky
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