How Did Two Men Pull Off an Armored Car Heist on Lake June This Afternoon?

A little before 1 today reports began circulating about a manhunt near Lake June and Buckner -- something to do with an armored-car heist and police officers putting nearby schools on lockdown. One station even said it saw two men being taken off in handcuffs. Maybe so. But not for this.

Earlier this afternoon, Senior Corporal Kevin Janse asked media to hold tight; the DPD spokesman was heading thataway to find out what happened. Moments ago, Janse, who writes a lean media release, sent word explaining how the heist went down at around 12:50 this afternoon.

According to Janse, Dunbar Armored sent two guys to PLS Check Cashers on Lake June to make a drop-off. They got there a little before 1. The driver and his partner scouted the area to make sure it was clear of "suspicious activity." Good to go. One of the Dunbar guys got out and headed to a side door to make his delivery. But at that very moment, a white Nissan Altima pulled up. There were two men inside, each wearing a mask and a hoodie; DPD can't say what they looked like. "Unknown race/age," says the spokesman. But: "males." One of them hopped out of the passenger side, holding a gun.

The driver of the armored car saw it unfolding. Too late: "The suspect got to him too quickly," says the DPD spokesman. The man in the mask demanded the money bag; the man from Dunbar handed it over. The two stick-up men fled, then ditched the car a few blocks away. DPD found the Altima, which, Janse says, "had been reported stolen out of Duncanville PD." Cops never found the men responsible for the heist. Janse writes: "It is unknown if they had another vehicle at that location or not."

No one was injured. DPD's on the case; so too is the FBI. No word yet on how much they got away with.

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Robert Wilonsky
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