How Not to Bring Dope Through DFW Airport

As The Musers might say, count the red flags in this story: U.S. Customs and Border Protection has announced that on Tuesday, it stopped two 22-year-old Japanese citizens at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport who were on their way from Jamaica to California. They were carrying with them 11 vacuum-packed boxes they said were filled with paper, sweartagod. Customs agents didn't believe them and asked the gentlemen to step right this way to baggage control, at which point officers unsealed the boxes and discovered 50 pounds of marijuana.

Says Jeffrey Baldwin, director of CBP Field Operations out of Houston, "This interception is indicative of the attention to detail our officers pay when processing travelers entering the U.S. We will take every opportunity to disrupt criminal activity whenever we encounter it." The release says the two men were turned over to Dallas-Fort Worth Airport Department of Public Safety -- at which point they were turned over to local authorities. DFW's checking to see if they ultimately landed in Dallas or Tarrant County. Clearly they didn't watch this.

Update at 1:40 p.m.: Dave Magana, spokesman for DFW, tells Unfair Park both men "were transferred to Dallas County Jail. Dallas County will handle prosecution effort."

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Robert Wilonsky
Contact: Robert Wilonsky