How to Spend Your Fourth of July and New Year's Day. Yom Kippur? Yer On Your Own.

Two items from the community bulletin board, beginning with the more pressing item of business: how to spend the Fourth of July. Last year, a few Unfair Park'ers actually went to the Fair Park Fourth -- as did one, ahem, "PDiddy," who noted in our wrap-up that the fireworks were indeed "awesome," but poorly located. "For the best unobstructed views," s/he wrote, "you have to make your way to Fitzhugh on the eastern border of the park." Not to worry, say Fair Park officials, who announced this morning that the whole shindig -- once again produced by the Gruccis -- will be moved to the Cotton Bowl, where there ain't a bad seat in the house. The Dallas Wind Symphony will again perform, with the explosions in the sky scheduled -- for free -- at 9:30 p.m., mark your calendars.

Speaking of which, the Comerica Bank New Year's Day Parade is sticking around downtown Dallas for at least one more year -- 2:30 p.m. on New Year's Day. (Parade route here.) We skipped the press conference today, during which the mayor said, "Events like this send a clear message that downtown Dallas is on a roll downtown," even if the Cotton Bowl Classic itself is actually headed to Arlington (sorry, all sold out). Still, you do know how the mayor defines good news.

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