How Tony Romo Almost Became Your FORMER Cowboys' Quarterback

I got this buddy - let's call him, let's see, how about "Anthony"? - who has a fancy schmancy boat out at Lewisville Lake. Probably cost more than my house.

Two weekends ago he was putting it into the water when his wife starts yelling out the window of his pickup.

"Hey Jessica!" she screams. "How ya'll doing?!"

Jessica just happened to be Jessica Simpson, of looking-fabulous-in-a-bikini- and recently-buying-her-boyfriend-a-$100,000-boat fame.

My buddy, it goes without saying, became aroused distracted.

As he's craning his neck to view Jessica's sun-kissed assets, suddenly there's an urgent yell from behind in the water.


Glancing in his rearview mirror, there's none other than Cowboys' quarterback Tony Romo - his boat's personal water space being infringed upon by a guy gawking at his girlfriend.

You've probably been to Lewisville's "Party Cove." Fun. Flirty. Friggin' dangerous.

I'm not saying Jerry Jones should prohibit Romo from tooling around in his new birthday present. I am saying that the combination of "Party Cove"'s alcohol-injected atmosphere with rumors that Romo and Jessica are on the lake could combine to make Texas' most dangerous lake even more so.

Especially on days when my friend is there.

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