How's That Deck Park Coming, Anyhow?

My dad was over this morning, and we got to talking about the Woodall Rodgers Deck Park. One thing leads to another, and we're watching the construction cam, which now tops the Calatrava cam on my must-watch list. Impressive. I called Willis Winters, assistant director of Park and Rec, to see how it's going.

Says Winters, 27 beams are coming up from near Waco almost each weekend; a batch is due this Friday, matter of fact, and another is set to arrive the Friday after that. Hence the freeway closures, Friday to Sunday, when the construction cam's at its most active. He says the plant can only cast eight beams -- which weigh 80 to 90 tons and span 100 feet -- at a time, and it takes a good half hour to unload each one. "I'd sure hate to be behind 'em on I-35," says Winters.

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