Hunt Wants to Know Why She's to Blame For City's Failure to Make Levee Repairs

Jim's wrapped up his review of Michael Lindenberger's Sunday story in The Dallas Morning News -- you read it, right, the front-pager headlined "Analysis: Dallas' crucial levees only weakened amid debate on park, toll road." Schutze's essay is forthcoming shortly. But till then, then, here's what council member and vote-nay-sayer Angela Hunt has to say on that particular subject. Hunt -- who, once again, was not interviewed for a story about the Trinity River toll road -- posted her comments at 2:39 this morning. And they are lengthy. An excerpt:

I challenge Michael Lindenberger to back up his statement that the referendum delayed much-needed levee improvements by even one day. What particular aspect of the levee project "came to a halt"? At what point did flood control plans halt due to the referendum and later resume and who made those decisions? What evidence exists to support this unsubstantiated claim?

Aside from this clearly erroneous assertion, there is no news in this article. The city has known for decades that our levees are in critical condition. The mayor, council, and city manager have known for years that by interlocking the toll road with levee improvements we are irresponsibly and interminably delaying flood control safety.

Update at 1 p.m.: Lindenberger has responded (sort of, kind of, not really) to Hunt's item:
Hunt take[s] issues with the assertion in the piece that the 2007 referendum over the toll road halted progress on the road. I think the story stands fine as it is. It's clear that momentum on the parkway, which has since become entirely entwined with the parks and levees, stalled as the fate of the referendum was decided.

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Robert Wilonsky
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