The star of the June 1944 Woodrow Wilson Senior Class production of And Came the Spring, in which he played Jeffrey Hartman

I Bought Mr. Peppermint's Yearbook

If you know Nicky de Larios -- Woodrow Wilson High School, Class of '44 -- please let the former cheerleader know I have her yearbook. Seems to be my new hobby: Yet again, over the weekend I found myself in the used-yearbook section of Half Price Books' mothership, where this time I found, for the low, low price of $15, the 1944 Crusader. And it's an interesting read: Inserted in the book are the newspaper obits of classmates who've died -- appropriate, as de Larios used to be on the reunion committee, according to her former classmate, Jerome Martin Haynes.

Yes -- that's Mr. Peppermint, all right, who tells Unfair Park today he's managed to hang on to his Crusader. "To see what happened to all the ladies," he says, laughing. A few other notable in their senior class: Charley Tatom, former University of Texas Longhorn football player taken in the 19th round in 1948 by the Green Bay Packers; and conductor Chris Xeros, who founded the Richardson Symphony Orchestra in 1962. --Robert Wilonsky

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