I Got Yer Feel-Good Super Bowl Story Right Here

One of our football coaches is headed to Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa. Surprise, he has nothing to do with your Dallas Cowboys.

I blogged, oh-so briefly, about Grapevine Faith's Nov. 7 high-school game against the Gainesville State Tornadoes. Ring a bell?

Rick Reilly's terriffic ESPN The Magazine column is here. For the short, sweet version, we're jumping ...

Grapevine Faith head coach Rick Hogan asked 200 of his team's fans and parents to cheer for the opponent, because the Tornadoes are a team of players from a maximum-security correctional facility 75 miles north of Dallas with no home field and little hope.

As the Tornadoes boarded their team bus to depart from the stadium, they were each given a bag of food, a Bible and a letter of encouragement from a Lions' player. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell responded to Hogan's sportsmanship by inviting him to this weekend's Super Bowl as a guest of USA Football, the sports's national governing body of youth and amateur leagues.

In other news, former Covenant School basketball coach Micah Grimes - Mr. 100-0 - has not yet been invited to NBA All-Star Weekend next month in Phoenix.

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