Texas Rangers

I Thought Dustin Nippert Was Dead

I'm amazed that Texas Rangers' pitcher Dustin Nippert is alive, much less well.

When I initially saw Austin Jackson's line drive hit Nippert in his right temple and carom over Michael Young's head into left field for a double, I thought the worst. Didn't you? The worst, as in, you can die from a shot to the temple and he just took one there and ...

Nippert got up, scratched his noggin' and smiled while walking from the field. Now he's been placed on the disabled list but somehow doesn't have a concussion or, unbelievably, even any headaches.

In this weird, wacky, wonderful season of almosts - remember the guy falling from the stands and living to tell about it? - the Rangers dodged another bullet. Couple inches here and Nippert might have lost an eye. Couple inches there and ...


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Richie Whitt
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