I Want My Block

Below, in the comments affixed to today's earlier item, we have reports from around town -- East Dallas mostly, where all's clear. Same goes for up here in Northwest Dallas -- again -- where trips to two polling places this afternoon turned up no petitioners for the Trinity Vote, and therefore no blockers.

What a rip.

An election judge at Cigarroa Elementary at Walnut Hill and Webb Chapel Road said she hadn't seen "hide nor hair" of any petitioners, though several voters had asked for them Saturday, and at F.P. Caillet Elementary, a question about the petition drew a confused look from a judge.

Of course, I still have a few weeks to sign the petition -- no problem there -- but what I really wanted was to have one of the pro-Trinity's hired goons try to "block" me. (Goons may seem a tad harsh to describe people I haven't seen, but if you're taking money to hassle petitioners, you qualify as a goon. Or an asshole. Take your pick.) Damn it, I wanted to cuss at someone and feel all smug and patriotic while doing it, but I guess the petition volunteers and goons have more fertile fields to work.

Wonder if the missus will be up for a little dirty talk and "blocker" role-playing later. --Patrick Williams

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