If a Team That Plays in Arlington Wins a Championship, Where Do We Hold the Parade?

I realize I'm getting waaaaaaay ahead of myself here, but some of us were sitting around the pool over the weekend drinking and getting creative and salivating over what if.

As in, what if this is finally the year the Texas Rangers hold it together down the stretch and win the World Series? And what if this is finally the year the Dallas Cowboys live up to their hype and win a Super Bowl?

That'd be two sports championships, just down the block from each other. It would be fantastic. It would also be confusing.

Because, come to think of it, where would we hold the parades?

The Rangers have always kind of been Tarrant County's team. You hear every day people in Plano grumbling out how the drive to Arlington is too far. But could you really have a parade down Randol Mill Road? Or would you somehow hold it through The Stockyards in Fort Worth?

As for the Cowboys, their 1990s titles were celebrated in downtown Dallas but should that still be the case since they play even farther away in Arlington and Dallas passed on a chance to be their home?

I dunno, maybe split the difference and throw the parties right down the middle of D-FW Airport?

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