Patrick Michels
About a forward: Dirk Nowitzki, kinda channeling Kurt Cobain

If Dirk Nowitzki Can Be A Guitar Hero, Well, Why Can't You?

Dirk Nowitzki faced a difficult choice last night, a dilemma many of us have grappled with before: what song to play on Guitar Hero. Course, since he's Dirk Nowitzki, he made his decision flanked by three Mavs Dancers and in front of a screaming crowd.

As the guest of honor at this GameStop location in Plano, Nowitzki was one of the first to play the latest edition of the seminal you're-the-rock-star video game, Guitar Hero World Tour, which was released just after midnight Sunday morning.

The hundred or so fans gathered in the shopping center parking lot went nuts when Nowitzki took the stage, swooned when he handed out autographed video game guitars and chanted, "Expert! Expert!" as the 7-foot forward chose his difficulty setting.

With smoke rising from the stage, Nowitzki picked a slow one from Nirvana, "About A Girl," and fared well with the new game, which, to my untrained eye, looked an awful lot like the old one. Turns out, this new guitar's 25 percent bigger (still looked tiny in Nowitzki's paws). Also, the new game's got a a six-piece drum set (OK, I should've noticed that).

More shots from the night in our slide show here. --Patrick Michels

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