If Nothing Else, They Won't Run Out of Things to Ask DISD Trustee Edwin Flores Tonight

Edwin Flores's appearance at E.L. DeGolyer Elementary has been on the schedule for quite a while; says the invite, the Dallas Independent School District trustee's scheduled to speak about "the state of the district and superintendent search." I expect that's not all he'll be asked to address.

But where to begin? With Friday's news that a teacher's been put on leave after sending Flores an angry missive over extended workdays? Wrote that teacher: "People like you destroy morale, beat us down into the ground, and make us wish we had been greedy enough to go into the business world as yourself." This was in response to Flores's comment last week that, hey, "We're going to pay for eight hours, we're going to get eight hours."

Or, do we begin here, with another anonymous DISD teacher's proposed Leap Day Sick Out on February 29? Writes that teacher: "It is as if the school board wishes to recognize that lots of extra time is being put in by their dedicated work force by mandating that it continue, all the while assuring us that we will remain uncompensated for the time."

Or, do we begin with the breaking news that Flores will have a challenger for his District 1 seat? Writes Mike Greenberg, a first-year DeGolyer dad: "I believe in public schools and I believe that Dallas ISD can be great with the help of a cohesive Board of Trustees dedicated to policy that supports teachers and principals as well as policy that holds the superintendent and the administration accountable." Where oh where to begin?

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.