If Only Jerry Jones' Wrapping Paper Could Throw a Football

At the rate this Super Bowl or Bust season's going for Your Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones has but four opportunities left to bring folks up to the owner's suite in Texas Stadium before the joint gets bye-byed. It is, alas, a most wonderful treat for the special someones tapped to join Jerry and Gene (Gene, mostly) on game day, as recounted this morning in the Sports Business Journal, which takes a peek at how the Dallas Cowboys, the Arizona Diamondbacks and the United States Tennis Association use their "power seats" to entertain and do a little business. As June has passed, I'll just assume our save-the-date was lost. Who needs the mishigas anyhow? --Robert Wilonsky

An engraved invitation follows, accompanied by a piece of Cowboys memorabilia, a collectible packaged so elegantly that “the doorman at our building asked if he could keep the ribbon and the wrapping if we didn’t want it -- it was that beautiful,” said Ann Swisher, a prominent Dallas arts patron and community volunteer, who attended a recent game. Game day begins with a visit to the sideline to watch the teams warm up. It continues in the 50-seat suite straddling the 50-yard line, which is lined with zebra-striped Indian macassar ebony, stocked with an open bar and exquisitely arranged appetizers, and filled with an array of friends and associates from business, entertainment, sports and politics.

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