If Only Martellus Bennett Could Play Football

At this rate, Dallas Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett will finish the season with more apologies than catches.

Again yesterday Marty B was trying to explain another episode of "embarrassing the franchise", this time when nude self-portraits showed up on the internet at a site called mediatakeout.com.

No big deal, really. It's sexting. Similar pics of San Antonio Spurs' guard George Hill surfaced this year. And, honestly, we've probably all sent, um, flirtatious, racy and perhaps inappropriate photos via our fancy phones. I know my hand is raised. (And, yes, my pic's strategically placed red star would be more like a decimal point.)

But the fact that Bennett's oops comes on the heels of his infamous portrayal of Osama bin Laden is maddening. And the fact that he's sitting out training camp in San Antonio because of a mysterious ankle injury re-raises doubts that one of the team's most talented players may never actually, well, play.

In two seasons, he has a grand total of 35 catches.

Just before camp, Bennett tweeted that he was out of the video-making business.

If we're lucky, the Kansas City Chiefs will be dumb enough to call the Cowboys again offering a second-round pick for Bennett. If we're unlucky, Marty B will show up again next week doing something silly on the Internet instead of something superb on the football field.

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