If You Didn't Save Your Old LaBella & Rody Cassettes, Well, Today's Your Lucky Day

Into the wee small hours of Christmas Morning I cued up some Freddie King from January Sound in March '75 -- "Hideaway," to be specific. At which point a caller rang up The Ticket request line with some (rather slurred but very happy) news: The Zewkeeper in charge of the KZEW tribute page has updated the site since last I wrote about the treasure trove of FM flashbacks.

Matter of fact, said the caller, just last week the Zewkeeper (Scott, I believe) started selling LaBella & Rody airchecks via instant download, with the Freddie King-on-the-Zoo concert a freebie toss-in. And thanks to the instant-gratification media player on The Zoo File site, why, I just spent the last 23 minutes of the last week of 2010 listening to "Walter from Waco" bits from the early '80s. Awesome. Whatever you do, don't check out The Zoo File's Facebook wall photos.

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