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If You Ever Need Tony Romo to the Stage, Just Start Playing "Sweet Child o' Mine"

I never understood why Metal Skool (formerly Danger Kitty) once again changed its name to Steel Panther two years ago -- it was such the brand name already, thanks in large part to Special Guest Stars Kelly Clarkson and Jeremy Piven and Kelly Clarkson and Perry Farrell  and old Skooler Tony Romo, who's joined the band with Mr. Belding and Jessica Simpson in recent years. No surprise he popped up at the band's Friday night show at the House of Blues -- he was guest-hosting again. And is that Chace Crawford with him? Apparently. Hard to say.

Bonus video: After the jump, Lake Highlands High School's own St. Vincent joins Beck and his Record Club for their own Very Special Cover: INXS's "New Sensation."

Bonus bonus video: Also after the jump, Erykah Badu was a guest on The Wanda Sykes Show last night, during which the host played for her guest her version of the "Window Seat" video. The Badu review: "Funny as hell."

Record Club: INXS "New Sensation" from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

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