If You Helped Pay For Texas Stadium, Well, Don't Expect a Thank You

In other local sports-ticket news ... One of my oldest friends is plenty pissed at the Dallas Cowboys -- much like, oh, Terry Glenn, maybe? This morning, he discovered that after 37 years of sitting at the 50-yard line at Texas Stadium -- where his family bought bonds in the late 1960s, when it was announced the Cowboys were leaving the Cotton Bowl -- he's being moved to the 38-yard line in Jerry Jones' new billion-dollar home in Arlington come the 2009 season. "That's assuming I want to spend $12,000 per ticket for the right to buy tickets for the season," my friend says, laughing but not really.

He called Cowboys ticket "consultants" this morning to complain about the move. And he was told told, in short: Tough nuts. They explained to him, well, look, this is a new stadium, see? He says he was told, "We tried to accommodate you with seats as close to your original seats as possible, but your seats are where they are." Which, says my friend, "sucks." He can put in a request to be moved, but that'll cost extra. --Robert Wilonsky

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