If You Know the Driver of This Truck, Dallas Police Want to Talk About Deadly Hit-and-Run

Twice today, including just moments ago, the Dallas Police Department sent notes to media asking for the public's help in finding the driver of a red 1999 Ford F150 who police say was responsible for a fatal hit-and-run yesterday at Northwest Highway and the Dallas North Tollway. According to police, at about 4:19 p.m. yesterday, 41-year-old Roland Olvera was on his motorcycle when the driver of the pick-up failed to stop, hitting the Arlington man and his bike.

Olvera, say police, was knocked off his motorcycle and sent over the guardrail. After a 20-foot plunge from the bridge, he was taken to Parkland, where he was pronounced dead.

On the other side is video of the truck, taken by traffic cameras moments after the accident. It's a brief, blurry clip. This, for now, is all DPD has to go on: "The vehicle license plate is 59CRH8. The vehicle has chrome wheels and a toolbox on the back." I asked DPD spokesman Senior Corporal Kevin Janse if detectives have the plate number, don't they also have the name of the suspect? Says Janse, detectives want to find the truck before they go knocking on the door of the address to which it's registered. Call 214-670-5818 with info.

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